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  • WorkplaceHai yan
  • Dealnegotiable
  • Release Date2017-09-26
  • ValidityNo limit


Age: 25 years old -35 years old

Working experience: more than 3 years

Education: high school

Job description:

1. For different product categories (hardware and fasteners) of our company, engaged in procurement of different product categories (supplier development, product development)

2. Carry out purchase orders and procurement contracts, and implement specific procurement procedures

3. Responsible for purchasing order making, confirming, arranging delivery and tracking the arrival date

4. Implement and improve the cost reduction and control plan

5. Familiar with purchasing process, good communication skills, negotiation ability and cost consciousness

6. Meticulous work, responsible wall, quick thinking and strong team spirit

7. Have good professional ethics and quality, can work under certain pressure


1. Pay social security

2. Employee's birthday benefits, travel benefits, high temperature subsidy

3. Various holiday welfare subsidies

4. There are shuttle buses in haiyan city

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